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willowoftheoak [userpic]
Sickness And Snow

Of course J would get sick after the schools open back up! AARRGGHH!! He wen to school yesterday, but not tutoring because he was running a fever and his throat was hurting. I checked on him this morning and he is still running a fever, so no school for him today. The only good thing that I see about the possiblility of the snow and wintery mix coming is the fact that if it does then he can be sick and not miss school. Like I said that is the ONLY good thing about that. If I wanted it to snow that would be why. Now for the reason I don't want it to snow. I CAN'T DRIVE IN THAT CRAP! Enough of that, it is off to try to do some inventory. BTW, I paid my taxes yesterday. YEAH!!!!!!!

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