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willowoftheoak [userpic]
Happiness...I Can't Believe It

Finally a post that is not Bitchy. LOL! I had a pretty good day yesterday and day is looking good too. I have my central air unit fixed, Ra is doing better, and my sister is coming over again today.

Ra is something else. He so wants to go outside. V said that he thinks that Nicky (Merlin's dad) is the one that Ra got into the fight with. The neighbor who owns Nicky said that Nicky has a big mouth and has wounds on him too. So if this is the case then Nicky and Ra got into a fight because Whisper is in heat. Yeah! Ra was so funny yesterday. When he wasn't waiting by the door for someone to not be paying attention and let him out....he was hiding in wait for me to come out of my room and slapping at my leg (without claws).

My sister just called to tell me that Nicky will not leave Whisper alone and that it looks like Whisper is trying to go to sleep. So we might be having kittens.

All in all I have had 2 pretty good days. Keep them coming.

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