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Here it is Sunday again and I can't believe that the weekend has gone by so fast again! Friday was initiation and it was wonderful! Really wonderful is not the right word, but I can not think of a word in the english language can describe how it was or what I am still feeling. I am so glad that I not only have two people that I love and respect as my best friends and family, but a High Priest and High Priestess that are willing and able to teach and guide me along on my path.

Saturday was Lammas and it was great to see the new/old faces that were there. I didn't realize how much I missed them. I was amazed and taught something by someone that I had thought I had given up on. She had changed a lot and showed us all. I don't know if it was just that she has changed or that we both have changed and I just haven't realized it in myself. I hope that I have changed for the better. I loved that the kids were giving us tarot readings. It was wild to hear their interpretations of the cards. I wish my child was still interested, but he is almost 13 and more interested in friends and girls.

He is trying to grow up on us. When we got home last night he had made supper for us. He thawed out same crab meat, cooked corn with a little bit of lemon pepper, english peas with onions cooked in, and he cooked some oysters with a little bit of lemon juice. He did not cook the fish because he said he didn't know how, but he had it thawing out. We did not cook the fish, but ate some of what he had already cooked. I didn't eat the oysters, but Red Oak said they were pretty good. I didn't stay up to long. My teeth have been giving me trouble all week.

Now it is Sunday and I woke up to the left side of my face swollen a little, but no pain as of right now. Red Oak is trying to stop a tension headache from coming on, so he is back in the bed. Merlin and J are sitting in the living room with me watching cartoons. This weekend has gone by so fast. I don't want Red Oak to leave and I don't want to go to work tomorrow, but hopefully the week will go by just as fast.

J is starting back to public school this Friday. YEAH! I hope he makes friends that will not get him into trouble. I also hope that he will see the beauty in being a leader and not a follower. One of my biggest fears with him is that he is going to let his friends are going to lead him down a road of trouble. I still don't know how he did on the test.

Going to check on Red Oak now. Hopefully his headache has gone away.

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J ate a little bit of chicken last night. Yeah! So today he thought he would try to eat a grilled chicken wrap from Sonic. The poor thing took one bite and started to hurt all over again. He has however found out that he can eat ketchup and it doesn't hurt him. He cried a little bit. He said that it was a little because of the pain and the rest was because he is so hungry. Hopefully he will drink more and help himself heal faster. Drinking doesn't seem to bother him much anymore. We will just have to wait and see what he will be able to do in the next couple of days.

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Well crap! I thought the AC was fixed yesterday afternoon. WRONG! I walked in this morning and it was hotter than ever. Oh well, maybe next time. LOL! Wayne is not happy about it and he seems to get more upset when he talks to me and I don't get upset. What am I supposed to do? If my anger would fix the AC then I would work it up so good that it would be freezing in here just so he would shut up about it. LOL!

Now on to the brain damage report. I just got a call telling me that the Cardinal that kept flying into my window has started doing it again. I guess the poor thing did not get enough brain damage yesterday and he is trying to finish the job today. LOL!

I think I'll get off here now. Cookie monster is talking through the TV again and I think he is coming after me today. LOL!

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Well, it's back to work after a great three day weekend. I had a wonderful time with everyone starting Friday night. I was so glad that we all could spend time with A. Even though I talk to her on the phone, I really miss talk to her face to face.

Red Oak and I talked about a lot of different things this weekend and it was wonderful. The only problem that I seem to be having right now is that time seems to be dragging its feet as it gets closer to the time for him to be home every night and working in Jackson. I can't wait!!!!!!!!! Sometimes when I think about it, I feel like a school girl waiting for the boy I love to pull into the driveway. LOL! He is also coming home tonight. Poor thing forgot his wallet this morning. One more night with him!!!!!!!!! I hate that he has to make that drive again, but it also means I only have to be without him for two nights.

Well enough of the schoolgirl routine. LOL! I'm just in a weird, but good, mood today.

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WHATEVER! Ok so maybe sometimes some of that is true, but not all the time.

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My sister called me this morning and told me that my Uncle passed away at 5:oo am this morning. If believe that the Goddes has given me what I've asked for..I can see the beauty of letting go. I just miss him so much. This is just really wierd. I cry, but I am calm inside. I have never felt like this before. I am not hurting like I have in the past. Well, I guess that it for now.

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Today was weird. I am starting to feel things that I have not let myself feel in a long time. It is a little scary, but hey what needs to be done is being done. Other than that things have been pretty much normal. Whatever that is. LOL! "Little Oak" started back to school today. He didn't do to hot on his daily average, but I did tell him that his grades will get him grounded too. Hopefully that will make him pay more attention. RedOak sends his love to you two.

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