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September 2007
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willowoftheoak [userpic]
Go Figure

Your Score: Wednesday Addams

Our test has determined that you possess
48% Hellbentness, 38% Sanguinity, and 24% Creeps!
Well done!

Your Proto-Goth Icon Match is Wednesday Addams!

Wednesday Addams, whose middle name is Thursday, was originally- as her name suggests- a quiet, somewhat pathetic child, full of woe. She was a sweet-natured, happy child, largely concerned with her pet spiders. A favorite toy was her Marie Antoinette doll, which she had guillotined and which she often showed to visitors.

Wednesday Addams is in most respects a typical little 8-year-old girl. She likes playing with dolls and holding tea parties with her stuffed animals ? only her dolls are headless, her stuffed animals are the cobbled-together remains of real animals, and her tea parties have ingredients such as cyanide, arsenic, and sulfuric acid.

Like her mother, Wednesday rarely makes a show of her emotions. She is a quiet girl, speaking little but saying some rather disturbing things when she does speak. Many a visitor to the Addams home has been put at great unease by her uncomfortable stare. Also like her mother, she is not without emotions, as anyone who has gotten onto her bad side will surely attest! Perhaps her wealthy, doting parents spoiled her a little too much. One thing is for sure, she is definitely an Addams and will make her family proud.

Link: The what Proto-Goth Icon are you? Test written by anastasia_x on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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